Explanation of basic concepts


  • Page view – an event of displaying a webpage in a web browser or application. A page view is counted when the tracking script is executed in the source code of a webpage.


  • Browser ID – is Gemius' proprieraty identifier that combines (as of 2013-01) local storage identifiers and 3rd party cookies to better identify browsers used by Internet users.
  • Operating system – basic software serving as an intermediary between a user and computer hardware. The role of the operating system is to provide a user with environment which would allow him/her to make use of programs.
  • Operating system – types – a grouping of different types of operating systems.
  • Operating system – families – a grouping of all versions of a particular operating system.
  • Devices – a group of devices with similar technical parameters that determine how users interact with a particular device (screen size, data input method, e.g. keyboard, touchpad). The following types are distinguished: PC, tablet, phone.
  • Web browser – a program used to download and display web page content, with the possibilities offered by the page's engine and in line with the Internet user's preferences.
  • Web browser – types – a grouping of different types of web browsers.
  • Web browser – groups – a grouping of all versions of a particular browser.
  • Stream views – the number of runs started by the visitors in a specified time period. A run is a sequence of streaming which starts with the loading of material in a player and finishes with the user’s action, leading either to closure or reload of the material by the player.
How is data collected?

Data are gathered by means of tracking scripts embedded in the source code of websites measured by Gemius. Thanks to the information collected by the tracking scripts, every page view can be assigned to the appropriate category, e.g. web browser – Chrome 61, or operating system – Android. Aggregated and sorted data form a ranking within one category.

Every ranking is calculated based on traffic on websites for which at least 100 page views of a particular category is registered every week.

How ranking is calculated?

Rankings are calculated as percentage share of views (page views and stream views).

What’s the value of data presentation threshold?

In the rankings statistics are presented which in a current week attained the percentage value equal to or exceeding 1%.